Society for Historical Archaeology Member Benefits in tDAR

Beginning in 2013, the Center for Digital Antiquity partnered with the Society for Historical Archaeology to preserve the SHA meeting abstracts and make the presentations and research data files available in tDAR.  As a presenter, you can access your abstract’s record in tDAR, edit the metadata, and upload a PDF copy of your paper, presentation, or poster.

To UPLOAD your Society for Historical Archaeology annual meeting presentation or paper into tDAR:

Find your Abstract

Enter your last name, or the title of your SHA Poster or Paper
  1. Start by typing the first few words of the title (or your name) in the box above and your presentation title should appear.
  2. If multiple titles appear, click on the one that is yours.
  3. Once you see your title in the box, click the GO button.
  4. You will get a screen asking you to either REGISTER (i.e., create an account in tDAR) (left side below) or to log in to tDAR (right side below).  IT’S FREE to create an account:
SHA Log In or Register
  1. After you log in or finish filling out the registration form, click the continue button, and you will see the "Send a Message" page where you can request access to your paper's abstract in tDAR:
SHA Send a Message
  1. You should see the title of your abstract at the top of the page (under Send a Message).
  2. Be sure the "SHA Abstract Project” button is marked, then type in a message explaining that you are the author and want to upload your paper. "Hello, I am the author of this presentation and would like to upload the paper to tDAR."
  3. Finally, click SUBMIT.
  4. Within 1 business day, you will receive an email with a link that will allow you to create metadata (some will already be there from the abstract) and upload your presentation to tDAR.  
  5. Click on the link (it will ask you to log in) to edit the abstract and upload your file(s).
  6. Scroll down and edit or enhance any of the metadata you would like.  Click on the green "add files" button under "Attach Document Files" and follow the prompt to upload a PDF copy of your paper or poster. 
  7. You may save your work at any point along the way, but when your edits are complete click save and you are done!
  8. If you have problems or questions, contact us at: .