Academic Presses

A number of academic presses have found tDAR to be a useful way to share important content they publish with a wide archaeological audience.  

University Press of Colorado

The University Press of Colorado uses tDAR to share the new and exciting research presented in its most recent publications.  Digital copies of the front matter, table of contents, and first chapter of recent publications of interest to archaeologists are available for download by registered tDAR users. Through this digital access to the tables of contents, interested readers are alerted to the content contained in each book and are directed to the University Press of Colorado website where they can order volumes.  

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University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology  

The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology uses tDAR to publish digital supplementary material associated with publications from its press.  These materials include photos, raw data, text documents, tables and charts, and are available for download from tDAR by registered users.  Researchers interested in topics ranging from ethnobotanical analyses in ancient Turkey to historic photography in Iran can learn of the Press’ extensive collections through tDAR, or locate tDAR records on these topics through general internet searches.  Links provided within the tDAR metadata direct researchers to the Press website.

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