Find, create and share knowledge of our past and present.

Find & share research

As a repository for digital data, tDAR contains a vast amount of resources and tools that can enrich your ongoing research.

  • Search our expansive database of documents, data sets, images and more.
  • Integrate your data with data from other projects.
  • Collaborate with other researchers

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Preserve & protect data

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The core mission of tDAR is to support better stewardship of the documents and data produced during research.

  • Manage all of your archaeological data in one place.
  • Organize your resources.
  • Download reports or bibliographies.

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Extend your classroom

As a discipline-specific archive of archaeological documents, tDAR is dedicated to the teaching of archaeology.

  • Use reports, documents, data sets and images in classroom assignments and lectures.
  • Find reports and grey literature from investigations from around the world.
  • Compare different data sets and analyses.

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Meet Your Legal Obligations

Use tDAR to meet legal obligations to preserve and provide access to digital archaeological files, which mandate that data generated by federal agencies must be deposited in a repository capable of:

  • Providing long-term digital curation;
  • Ensuring preservation of the digital files; and
  • Facilitating accessibility to qualified users. 

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