During the summer of 2010, staff at Digital Antiquity added over two hundred new digital documents to the Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR) repository.  These documents, plus others contributed by registered users, has increased the number of documents available in tDAR to over 630.

Included in the repository are archaeological overviews, survey reports, detailed excavation and artifact analysis reports, as well as historical documents and studies related to archaeological resources.  The documents cover research on both ancient and historic period archaeological resources and are international in geographic scope.  Readers are encouraged to explore the tDAR repository using the Search function to see the variety of documents and data sets available to tDAR users.

Among the new entries is a report series of over 100 documents, Publications in Anthropology, published by the National Park Service’s Western Archeological and Conservation Center between 1975 and 2008.  These reports range from 3 to 852 pages, with most reports ranging between 200 and 400 pages.  The repository now contains many interesting and informative studies in this series, among them are:

These reports are only a few among the hundreds of documents about American archaeology that users can find in the tDAR repository.