The American Anthropological Association (AAA) has recommended tDAR as a digital repository for  archaeological data archiving.  In the September 2012 issue of Anthropology News, Robert Hahn, chair of the Grey Literature subcommittee of the Resource Development Committee wrote: 

AAA…encourages archaeologists to deposit data and the related publications that make that data meaningful in the Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR) Available at, tDAR is an international digital archive and repository that houses data about archaeological investigations, research, resources and scholarship. It has a plan for long-term preservation and ongoing access to digital data.

If you have archaeological data you’d like to upload we encourage you to visit tDAR today!  Becoming a registered tDAR user is easy, and allows you to upload to and download from our extensive collections of archaeological information.  Now is a great time to contribute your archaeological records to tDAR as upload fees are waived for individuals through the end of the year.