Data management is a topic constantly on our minds here at the Center for Digital Antiquity (DA). Exploring topics such as appropriate file formats, sufficient metadata, and proper digitization practices, the staff at DA strive to provide support with workshops and consultation. Thus, in hopes of answering some of the most common questions, over the past year we have created new help documentation and videos tutorials that are now available under our Using tDAR page.

Data Management Survey

While creating this new documentation, we found that we are not alone in thinking about how archaeologists handle data. A recent survey from the ARIADNEplus project consortium on data management practices has recently crossed our desks and we hope others are able to contribute to this project.

To take part in this survey please see the description and survey link below:

The ARIADNEplus project has launched a survey on data management policies of archaeological repositories.

The survey focuses on the current policies concerning access to and re-use of archaeological data to contribute to the application of the FAIR principles in the field. Target groups are managers, curators and IT units of digital archaeological repositories and collections, both in operation or currently being prepared.

Survey link:

The survey is managed by the Central Institute for the Union Catalogue (ICCU) of the Italian Ministry of Culture on behalf of the ARIADNEplus project consortium.

For any questions related to the survey please contact Flavia Massara:

We look forward to seeing the results of this survey and are open to hearing any suggestions from our users on how best we can help you manage your archaeological data. We hope to continue adding new video tutorials and would appreciate any feedback or suggestions! For any questions or suggestions, please drop us a note at